Battle Against The Lemons


Apr 2, 2017
Stalk me not
*twinks again*
*slowly grabs his keyboard*
*reads the posts of @Traveel again carefully*

*detects absolutely no criticism*

*detects a very cowardly call to arms for a war*
*sees no one joining this filthy wannabe war monger attempt*

Do we really have to go through all this AGAIN?

One free tip: Just because you can post something, dosn't imply you should post something...

*gives @Traveel a lot of time to read the tip over and over again and to understand it's meaning*

The Lemons will never open a fight.
They will defend themself with all means.
Esspecially against ill-founded war-monging for stupid reasons like:

We might be the first ever to learn their lessons from history, if you would really have read our history, you should know better than opening this thread.

May the zestiness find you and relieve you from your cowardly and hateful plans against friendly beeings.

(wow, you managed to quadruple-post while I was typing this... you really should found the Kingdom of Spam *hahahahaha*
and I wondered how you got to your number of post without me ever recognising you here... :p
I wonder if @Bøømik has a twin-sibling or a second account... you sound a lot like him and you are very close to a certain list ;) )

This will be my last words on this topic: No offense meant!

*softly lays down the keyboard and starts sleeping again*
*dreams of a world, where no one trys to start wars he won't participate in himself*
He's getting veeerrry peeved that there's more anti-lemon-kingdomers out there.