Balancing GeoCorp's Gluon Battery

General Douglas

Aerial Admiral
Feb 4, 2019
Happy Holidays! It's been a while, but I have returned to TerraTech! My game broke due to some old skins back in 2020, but the issue seems to have resolved itself! I'm just glad to be playing the game again xd.

Anyway, I wanted to inquire about the state of the Gluon Battery from GeoCorp, as one of my last major posts concerned how the game's largest battery seemed unnecessarily overpowered in the face of the game's other batteries. I know it's been eons, but I was genuinely passionate about this, and the community, at least back then, was in agreement with me. A developer ( @kae ) even said they agreed that it was too good not to put on every tech you could make. My question is then, are there any plans to still implement this change?

Link to the old post