Audible Alert for Invaders

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lost Ninja, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    Not sure if something has changed in the last couple of Stable versions but I never remember being sneaked up to by Invaders. But recently I've several times been minding my own business and just chilling and lo an Invader appears with "no" warning. Clearly I missed the on screen prompt/countdown. And in some Biomes the red effect of the on screen alerts and not the clearest thing to see any way.

    Can we please have a wacking (technical term) load siren/claxon/hooter/etc sound when the Invader incoming message pops up?
  2. AstraTheDragon

    AstraTheDragon A dapper dragon

    Something like the MP 'replace cab' siren or a klaxon would be best for this I think because neither is particularly invasive and I wouldn't want to be calmly mining away and suddenly jump out of my skin to a frightening siren...
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  3. elfdrow

    elfdrow Well-Known Member

    so... no air raid siren? XD

    on second thought... as long as the sound is not that overbearing and it sounds like a toy. even an air raid siren would not be that bad lol.
    just like the warning sounds on the opening of campaign. sounds like an alarm... but not quite "alarming"
    and there is another possibility to use the same sound of the opening lol
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  4. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    The siren that goes off in the intro to campaign mode would be fine (not heard the MP siren).

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