At some point this needs to happen


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Mar 12, 2019
Have you or a loved one / friend ever encountered this problem?
Too many zip files or tar.gz files to unpack for your sweet delicious custom blocks and skins!

At some point you get tired of this!

Well, i'd appreciate if there was a much better way to install my custom blocks!

Introducing the CONCEPT of my brand new Blocks catalogue!

Just two clicks away from downloading the blocks and skins YOU want!
Just select your block with a checkbox, then click "APPLY" from the top of the menu! It's that easy! and has already been in place with Kerbal space program's CKAN application for years!
Once this reaches some stage of development, you can be sure that your woes of managing hundreds of zip files at once is going to Vaporize into fumes!!

i just need to learn how to code, or need a developer that could help me tackle this...... ouch......
and don't make me promise you code. i'm a noob coder. i feel more like a guy that could form ideas and never work them out... it sucks...

Now if only developing for java was easier.... haha..........
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