Are you getting the error "cannot decode raw data"(NSURLErrorDomain:-1015)?

Discussion in 'Open' started by Olli_DXD, May 3, 2018.

  1. Olli_DXD

    Olli_DXD Räksmörgås TT Translator

    Are you getting the "cannot decode raw data"(NSURLErrorDomain:-1015) error when you try to load a thread, profile page, post or when you're trying to switch page in a thread?

    Please post here if you get any issues with the forum other than error502 or error504.
    This thread is only for reporting issues with the forum and off-topic post will be removed.
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  2. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    I have it.
  3. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    I’m on my phone and have yet to test it on my computer.
  4. TheUberCannon

    TheUberCannon Well-Known Member

    sometimes I get a similar error but I refresh it and it's immediately gone
  5. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    *issue is still not resolved at all for me*
  6. Olli_DXD

    Olli_DXD Räksmörgås TT Translator

    Well, it's the same for me so...

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