Are players actually the villains?


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Jan 3, 2018
Like the title suggests, I have to wonder if players - by accepting missions from corporations - are actually the baddies.

I have to wonder if it's like the dystopian future stereotype where major corporations control everything, including the creation of law and the administration of justice. Think about it: If space development and the colonization of worlds is left to be managed by a handful of mega corporations, don't these corps get to decide who is a quote "Bad Guy", "Hooligan" or "Enemy"? If such things are left up to them entirely, won't they put up missions and contracts - put out a "hit" - to take out anyone who gets in their way? Is this a likely consequence of the privatization of space?

(BTW: I'd say that there are hints that the Better Future corp is a legacy of Elon's SpaceX and/or Tesla. See the Terra Tech Lore thread for player theories on the possible origins of specific corps.)

I remember completing this one mission for Better Future (might be for other corps, too) called "Joyride" where the son of the contract giver (a corporate executive) took their Tech for a joyride. The mission contract calls on the player to "scare" their son straight by destroying the Tech!

Wait... Won't that kill this person? :eek: Unless it is controlled by an A.I. cab, don't all Techs require personally piloting them in the Cab?

Also, I vaguely recall some mission I did a long while ago where the Description said that we were supposed to take out a group of Techs because they've been late with their rent or lease payments or something... :confused: Yeah... That sounds rather ominous and villainous.

I'm thinking that most of the other Techs the player sees are colonists sent under some multi-corporation colonization agreement that is similar to the old American Homestead Acts where applicants could acquire ownership of land by developing and/or living on the land. That would be one way to encourage participation in a colonization effort.

By that logic - where each colonist is allowed ownership of a plot of land by living on and developing an area - then of course they would be highly territorial. This would be doubly so if they are not assigned a specific area and get to choose which area to stake a claim. They wouldn't want other Techs encroaching on their land, stealing their resources that they need to develop it.

If one considers this new planet to be mostly lawless like the American Old West (aka, American Frontier period), colonists would likely assume that anyone trespassing is coming for the resources on their land, opting to shoot first and ask questions later. Also, in the Old West, cattle rustling became such a big problem and was such a serious crime that the sentence was capital punishment. Consider the Gold Rush, too, and the lengths some would go to in order to protect the area they're panning for gold.
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Jan 3, 2018
So, with my theory in mind about this actually being a dystopian future controlled by mega corporations and how Techs are just colonists trying to stake a claim and make a living, see if you can't read between the lines in the following mission descriptions.

For example, with the Special Delivery missions where the player is told that a "delivery crate has been abandoned" ...perhaps it wasn't actually abandoned? Perhaps this corp knows that whoever ordered these parts will not be able to pick them up, such as being the victim of a hit? Maybe the person made this corp angry such as by not paying their debts, stealing from them or attacking one of their assets? Perhaps this corp found out that the one who placed the order was actually a mystery shopper intending to be a middleman to hand it over to a rival corp to reverse engineer? Or, maybe they suspect it was placed by a spy or someone who was going to double-cross them?

Also, why do some of these contracts have a time limit to take out a quote "Felon" or "Bounty"? Could it be that the target is not actually a criminal, but someone much like the player who happens to be working for a rival corporation? Could it be there is a narrow window in which the player can do this where the spy satellites of a rival Corporation are not overhead to witness this foul deed - tracing what is likely a paid hit back to the corp that hired you? I'm thinking that if nobody witnesses it, then they likely wouldn't know who did the deed and likely not even consider that it was a hit.

Think about it: Immediately after you complete every mission, your account is given a transfer of $BlockBucks and a delivery of parts is placed right in front of your Tech. Obviously, if that happens right after you complete a hit - regardless of whether you were told the target is a "Felon" or not - any corp with a surveillance satellite overhead should be able to trace that part delivery (if not the wired funds) back to the corp that hired you. Heck, it'd be a simple matter to visually identify the corp of the parts that pop out of the delivery crate. Hence the time limit. :oops:

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Jan 3, 2018
Some missions that sound ominious if you read between the lines:

We've Got a Runner
Description: That Tech ran off without paying for some blocks that it ordered from us. Go chase it down and destroy it within the time limit.
Objectives: Find the Runner

Description: Enemy punks are occupying this area. You need to take them out.
Objectives: Remove the punks

Blitz Attack
Description: A mob of Bad Guys have been performing Blitz Attacks on friendly Techs around here recently. We've intercepted a communication and we think we know who their next target is. Go and defend that Tech for the duration of their Blitz Attack.
Objectives: Defend Tech for duration of attack.

Raiding Party
Description: An Enemy Raiding Party has made camp near here. Attack them whilst their guard is down.
Objectives: Destroy the Raiding Party

The Gingerbread Man
Description: A felon going by the alias 'The Gingerbread Man' has been spotted in this area. Chase him down and take him out. Be quick about it, though. If the time runs out there is no reward.

Description: There are some Hooligan Techs in this area. Let's take out the trash!
Objectives: Dispose of the Hooligans

Special Delivery
Description: A delivery crate has been abandoned in this area. Find it and claim the contents.
Objectives: Find the Delivery Crate

Lost Payload
Description: One of our payloads containing restricted access blocks has gone haywire during delivery and missed it's LZ. We can't let these blocks to fall into unlicenced hands. If you can recover the Delivery Crate, the contents are yours. Just don't let anyone else get those blocks.
Objectives: Find the Delivery Crate

Bounty Hunter
Description: Collected on a bounty within a time limit. The Target has stolen from us. This won't stand, our retribution will be swift. Catch and destroy the Target for a reward. If the Target escapes of if you can't catch it within the time limit, we will not reward you.
Objectives: Find the Target Tech

Acquire Rival Base
Description: Some rival Techs have set up a base nearby. They've missed their last few payments to the GSO and now their base is forfeited. If you destroy those Techs, you may claim the base as your own.
Objectives: Beat the rival Techs

Catch the Spy
Description: An enemy spy has stolen some of our corporate secrets. She can't have got far. Chase her down and destroy her Tech before the information can be transferred.
Objectives: Find the Spy

Abandoned Tool Crate
Description: A GeoCorp Tech appears to have left its Tool Crate behind while it's gone off mining. You can use the contents for your own efforts if you like... as long as you claim them before the original owner returns!
Objectives: Enter the Mission Area

Rebel Station
Description: We're picking up signals that indicate a Rebel Station may have been set up in this area. Investigate the source of the signals and claim the Rebel Station if you can find it.
Objectives: Beat the Rebel Guards


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Nov 1, 2019
Honestly, I'd like to see a GSO mission to deliver a message to Crafty Mike.

"Crafty Mike has been off grid for a while, When you see him please let him know that his Liscense payments are Over Due.
Maybe that's why Crafty Mike is called crafty, because he is the one who is trying to liberate the players from the evil corporations, or maybe he is a double-agent who scouts emerging powers in order to identify them, brings gifts to gain the trust of his targets, and then sells those players' data to groups which are interested in using the player or getting rid of the player. For example, the invasions might be a group of people or multiple groups pooling money together to ask for a powerful tech to take care of the player, or to protect their area.

If the multiplayer is expanded from coop to free-for-all with groups, then after the crafting and mining are added to the multiplayer, the singleplayer can be retired and the techs which spawn can spawn as part of a random group or as their own group for other techs to join. That way, we would have diplomacy, and groups of people working together to defend their settlements.
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