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Apr 7, 2020
Arclite Corp
Arclite Logo-01.png

Arclite is a corporation that specialises in armoured assault vehicles, artillery and experimental weapons systems.
Founded when Keanan Spencer, a Chief Weapons, Hydraulics & Auxiliary Systems Engineer from Hawkeye Industries met with Rachelle Deveaux, a scientist specialising in High-explosive Chemical Processes & Nano-robotics from Reticule Research started a conversation over beers about the future of current technologies and their application to limit troop casualties and vehicle destruction by overwhelming opposing factions before they have a chance to respond or retaliate.

From that conversation Arclite Corp was born, both Spencer and Deveaux left their respective organisations, and with their experience and intellectual capacity combined, they started working on a prototype tank and unveiled it at a NexTec private convention.
After numerous investors took an interest in their prototype, deals where made and they received funding to properly manufacture their creation into a fully-fledged, anti-ground armoured support tank, and it was dubbed the Arclite Siege Tank.

Arclite Siege Tank
Arclite Siege Tank 01-01.png

Not as heavily armoured as other competitors assault tanks, the Arclite Siege Tank would mainly fill the role of a support vehicle, with it's unique deployment mechanism and powerful cannons used to engage enemies from afar and completely destroying them before any retaliation is possible.
If need be it could engage close range vehicles or structural defences in a pinch, though it is highly advised to not do so. unless minimal damage and a satisfactory outcome is guaranteed.
Arclite Siege Tanks are also always used in pairs or in units comprised of 3-4 tanks, this allows them to continuously and consistently barrage locations with their highly explosive shells. First engagement tank crews are always astounded at how nothing but unrecognisable scrap and burning piles of metal are left when their done bombarding a target.

Arclite Siege Tank 03-01.png

The tank utilises a robust hydraulics system to extend it's eight tracks outwards, angle them to slowly raise the main chassis whilst two mechanised arms extend and anchor into the terrain to alleviate pressure from the tracks, this in turn grounds and stabilises the entire tank and reduces recoil from firing, the main turret is then angled to maximise the distance at which the cannon's shells can travel.

AST Siege Mode Deploy.gif
AST Siege Mode 01.gif

That concludes the Arclite Siege Tank's entry, my first post and showcase of the first successful tech I built that uses pistons and swivels! To do something useful > >
I don't know if a similar tech has been built before in this manner so please don't kill me > >
I was inspired to create this tech and Arclite Corp from the skin used on the tank, HE Metalstorm by Rafs. One of my favourite skins ever!
I hope you enjoyed! I will be adding more techs and stuff randomly when I can :)