[Archive] I.M.R.S.A.P.T.M.W.T.T.


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Sep 14, 2017
I make random stuff and people tell me what they think. God that's a long title(Try and say that 5 times fast.). Anyways this is, well, exactly what is sounds like, I make techs and people give advice and ideas. I need help, since I've only been playing for like 90 hours. So here's the first one, my kill everything tech: The Dreadnought(https://forum.terratechgame.com/index.php?threads/new-destroyer-class-tech.10587/)
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It's a bit chaotic, with missiles and lasers galore. A LOT of shields, but still tanky without them. The problem is that is is slow and is made for flat terrain ONLY! It does not love obstructions or slopes. ONLY to be used in salt flats(If you dare. It's laggy as the word itself.)
Now we’re all posting strong techs?


Apr 9, 2017
Anywhere and Everywhere
Rem Mk4 Dropper.png
This is the Rem Mk4 Dropper. It drops mini techs and bombs.Rem Tech Cradle.png
And this, is the Rem Tech Cradle. It can make techs, while destroying others. However, I would suggest putting separate guards around it, as it's like a little baby. And by that I mean it's a gigantic teddy bear with no weapons or a shred of malice in it. Also, don't forget to set pacemakers to fast. They're by the Autominers.