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Oct 28, 2015
(Yes, this is a repost, only because I posted the original in Open, where it should have been in the correct thread, the original has since been deleted.)

TerraTech has been a staple of my Twitch channel upon it’s revival, and most of that was due to the game’s inbuilt Twitch Stream system: I would get regular viewers from players of the game, the stream would be more alive with players new and old coming directly from the game for healthy discussion and ideas, and I could see who else was streaming the game, so to raid their streams and provide some positivity when another creator got raided by a streamer for the same game, where those two communities would come together, etc.

The removal of the system came rather out of the blue, which did annoy quite a few streamers of TT within my community, but I completely respect their decision, as it was later detailed that the system was removed due to abuse of it after some small backlash in the official streams.

Still though, the publicity and good word-of-mouth for the game has suffered somewhat due to this change, as well as a lot of streamers like myself being a lot less motivated than before to stream TT, so here I propose a possible solution:

1. If a content creator is a creator of TT content, they can apply to be a Verified Creator.
2. If the creator is approved (Upholds all the relevant guidelines, has a proven record of genuine TT content with a non-toxic community), they can be highlighted in-game when they go live, like previously and currently with the official TT stream.

Hopefully, this should reinvigorate and boost the streaming community of TT, while cutting out the creators who were abusing the system previously due to the new checks in place to show you are a genuine creator of TT content.

As always, best wishes to all the team, and all the best.



Jul 23, 2018

Thanks for the suggestion.

Firstly, allow me to apologise for the abruptness of the removal of the TerraTech stream feature. It was something that was discussed internally and implemented without much fanfare as it simply wasn't being used that much.

You have highlighted an important point about supporting our awesome content creators though. It's something that we've gone off the boil with in recent months and I absolutely agree that we need to be doing more of it.

So with that in mind, we'll start doing more of promoting our content creators.

Captain Load

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Mar 8, 2016
"Off the boil"..must be another Britishism I'll have to look up. I suspect its roughly equivalent to "on the back burner" :)
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