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Discussion in 'Community Help, Questions and Guides' started by nathaninthailand, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. nathaninthailand

    nathaninthailand Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    Is there a piece that you can use to anchor a vehicle? Right now the only way I can see is to dismantle the entire vehicle.
  2. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned


    There are anchors, but they anchor anything you build onto them, to the ground.

    if you are worried about AI vehicles roaming around, or parked vehicles sliding down hills, you can coral them with anchored fences.
  3. nathaninthailand

    nathaninthailand Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    I was looking for a way to build a better mobile base, but okay.
  4. Redlegdaddy

    Redlegdaddy Well-Known Member

    First, whats up nathan lol. Second I have found you can use the loader buckets to clamp onto an anchored rod effectively teathering a mobile tech to the ground. You can also make a pullable trailer because the collision physics are really good unlike Robocraft lol.
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  5. Redlegdaddy

    Redlegdaddy Well-Known Member

    Was playing around a bit today and you can make a mobile base and anchor it in place really easy. Just make your mobile base but leave empty spots in the hull where you can plant an anchor block, I use solar collectors. The anchor blocks will keep the bot from wandering or sliding. Added bonus you can slap an AI on it to give your mobile base the ability to defend itself and since it can not move past the anchors it stays in place. Here is a test version of what I am talking about.


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