An issue, an idea, a rework and more. Mainly concerning weapon systems and spam.


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Nov 21, 2017
The Issue: Salvo Firing
The salvo firing weapon system seems kind of scuffed. I know many posts have pointed such things out in the past and have suggested things like weapon groups or selective fire, etc. My beef with the weapon system right now is the range of weapons. There are certain weapons like the HE battleship cannon, Lasers and Missiles which can be used as pseudo artillery systems, engaging enemies outside of detection and tracking range (Keep in mind all this happens without a proper lock on). At these distances, most other weapons won't be able to reach the target so there would just be a lot of useless fireworks. In my opinion, if you're going to try to sharpshoot an enemy tech with your lasers, there's no point in firing the rest of your cannons. This problem is also apparent when trying to harvest resource chunks, I dislike the fact that all weapons go off when you're just trying to break an ore vein with your plasma drill.

Proposal: Weapon Range and 'Safety'
I'd like to see individual ranges implemented in each weapon on your tech, giving each type of weapon their own engagement range. For instance, a rotating railgun would be able to track and snipe enemies at long distances, while shorter range weapons will not stir from default positions. Weapons that have not found a target would not fire, letting your tech shoot a much cleaner long range salvo instead of a jumble of bullets and missiles. I think this would give many underused weapons a time to shine. Weapons predominantly used by aircraft should still maintain their ability to be fired regardless of range, such as the cruise missile and the recently renamed paladin bomb. In part, this is also because of their lack of targeting before firing. Mining tools should fire as normal too. Think about this as setting the safety on weapons that can't hit an enemy.

A Second Proposal: Weapon Limitations
Simply adding a limit to the amount of a single weapon that can be added on a tech opens up a whole new realm of balancing capabilities. Personally, I am not a fan of megaton spam or cruise missile spam gunbeds. After all, there are many other weapons to be used, yet are sadly made obsolete by the utter dominance of a salvo of 20+ cruise missiles. In case the idea in the first proposal ends up being particularly CPU heavy, this could also limit how many processes are going on at once. This proposal can extend outside of weapon blocks, into movement parts, building blocks, etc. I understand that this can be a point of contention with a good part of the community, as implementing this idea can ruin many tech designs and design philosophies. For example, LME airships only work by stacking obscene amounts of LMEs and gyroscopes. Perhaps this idea will be more feasible after more components have been introduced, like bigger and more powerful movement parts.

New Items: Items that would work with these ideas
Speaking broadly, if the above proposals end up implemented, development of these components would be important.

  • Power components: Batteries and generators. A big tanky and compact 2*2*3 battery for HE and a massive 4*4*4 battery for GC boasting the HP of the Octo-Block. Also better solar panels since you can't seem to power a base or a big tech without a massive array of panels that takes a minute to start up.
  • Weapons: More rotating cannons. The battleship cannon is nice but a version with rotation would be great (Maybe even a full on naval turret-style gun with 4 turrets). With weapon restrictions and the footprint of such an item, I find it hard to imagine stacking tons of these. More high velocity projectiles too for long range engagements too. (Rework mortars for long range as well)
  • Flight components: A stronger version of the LME and a much stronger version of the LME. A HE turbine fan thicker than 1 block with higher power. Fatter thrusters for all corps. Also bigger wings (that's a big one).
This may sound like I'm simply saying "bigger is better" but I am simply recalling all the blocks that I found myself simply spamming on my techs, especially big techs.

  • Add individual weapon engagement ranges, this may give more balancing room and let underused weapons see the light of day.
  • Weapons that have no target within engagement range do not fire. Missiles and mining tools maintain fire at will capability.
  • Add new components. Bigger, better versions of existing ones so we don't have to spam them. Also more aesthetic than spamming.
  • Limiting components, specifically similar weapons to be placed on the same tech. Encourages the use of other weapons besides the generic crutches. Also more balancing potential.