Am I playing the game wrong?

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Dec 22, 2018
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I also find the early game to be quite hard. Mainly because of the fact that techs in MISSIONS are much more powerful than you. In my experience, it's best to ignore a lot of the non-unique missions before you have a decent fighting tech. You should aim for the turret mission, as it unlocks the inventory, where you can store all your lose blocks.

A thing I personally found helpful in my latest campaign is to ignore the trader troll mission for a while and just farm naturally spawning techs for their guns, blocks, and sometimes batteries and the like.
Getting to a higher level helps too. It's always fun to crush an enemy with guns they weren't made to fight.


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Apr 28, 2019
tldr: I can't work out if the game is bad, or if I'm bad, or if I just don't understand what I'm meant to be doing.

I've played TerraTech for about an hour and a half (thanks for the Steam free weekend, devs!), but I still can't work out if I'm playing it right. Every time I try to attack anyone, I get absolutely crushed – I think I've killed my opponent in about 2 battles out of 10 or more, and on one of those occasions I died moments after from a shot that was still in the air (on the other, I died 30 seconds later when another enemy showed up). Every time I die, I lose all my stuff, either because it's been destroyed or because I can't find the remains; if I do manage to salvage something, or if I get something as a reward from the tutorial or a mission, then I immediately lose the next battle because my car is now too heavy and slow to manoeuvre. Whenever I lose something (e.g. everything I got given in the tutorial, when I died trying to get access to the trading station), I have no idea how I'm meant to get another one – the trading station only ever seems to have one useful component out of the several you need. If I need a battery, a solar panel, and a repair thing, I'll only ever be able to buy one of those three, because the others just don't seem to exist in the shop.

The tutorial missions seem to pit you against ridiculously powerful vehicles – the "bait" mission spawned two enemies, each with 8-10 guns, whereas I had maybe 2 guns and 2 lasers. At that point I had absolutely everything I owned bolted onto my car, so of course it all got destroyed; if you lose everything every time you die, and you die every time you enter combat, I don't see the point of buying anything when I seem to do just as poorly using the free starter car as anything I build myself.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there some secret that will make me suddenly able to win battles or retrieve my stuff after I lose them, or even just a way to buy a solar panel, a battery, and a repair pod at the same time? Or am I just terrible at the game?

Well i suggest hiding your cockpit block as well as possible under as many blocks as possible. Because if that one gets destroyed, you're done.

Also, try to take a more tactical approach to fighting

Sometimes you may need to run,

Sometimes you should just try to abuse the extra range lasers have.

Or just sneak around and attack from behind.

So sorry to say but... yes. For now, you are bad.