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Aug 30, 2020
Hi Guys,

I first got this game on xbox one and I loved it from the first play, even sneaking off work to have a quick play. Well quite quickly I came up against the block limit which was stopping me making what I wanted to and I adjusted my playing style like making temp bases making bricks of ore and then shutting down and making a new base.

Then I hears the pc version has no block limit and I had to have it, I have installed steam and purchased the game (for the second time) and my pc is not running it too well. It runs kind of ok in very low res and all the settings pulled right back but as soon as things get big things get unplayable.

Im not the sort of guy who gives uo easily and Im building a new machine especially for terra tech so I am asking for advice on architecture if people could reccomend chips and boards I would really appriciate it. From what I have read I need a chip that has a lot of power and few cores as the game only uses one core and the ram access speed is vital.

As a last word I am a career programmer and I currently work on financial systems but I have programmed a lot of games in the last and I am also an expert in multi threaded programming. I am gainfully employed at the moment and I love my job but I would be happy to do some tickets if it will help progress the game (as a volenteer)

Have a good day guys and happy coding
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The PC version of the game indeed doesn't have a block limit like the console versions

As of the PC, TerraTech is mostly CPU intensive

Finally the game can't really be made multi-threaded due to, as we understand it, the usage of an older Unity version and also probably the fact that testing it on multiple platforms would be a very complex task as it has to fit each manufacturers specifications