Add campaign setup options: Biome size and enemy tech frequency

Saelem Black

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Aug 25, 2018
tl;dr make sliders for biome size, enemy frequency, and enemy difficulty for campaign.

There's actually a couple suggestions here. The first is that I wish the biomes were way way bigger in campaign. I love that feeling of being lost in the desert only to finally wander into cool, clear meadows. Large biomes increase the game's difficulty by forcing the player to be more resourceful about mining resources, traveling long distances to mine (which I love), and incentivize building airships, planes, and helicopters. Very often I play on exclusively desert of salt-flats in creative mode. However, I know not everyone wants biomes as big as I do, so the way to handle this is to offer a setup screen for starting a new campaign. This screen would offer a biome size slider which at its smallest, you could pretty much see every biome in one square km, but at its largest, biomes may be 10s of square kms (you can't see the edges if you're in the center).

Secondly, I often find most enemy engagements in TT campaign to be nuisances. Either 1.) they're so small I don't want to stop building to deal with them, or 2.) they're just hearty enough that they blow a hole in my factory while charging me like a mindless berserker before they die, and 3.) I need to build a tech with magnets just to clean up the mess they make on my salt flats after they explode! Can't a man keep his house clean for two minutes!!! I digress... Once again, many probably enjoy the frequency of enemy techs in campaign, so my suggestion is to make a slider for tech difficulty and a slider for enemy tech spawn frequency.

These sliders would be selected up front during campaign creation/world generation and fixed from that point on. I'd probably play with biome size set to max, tech difficulty set to max, and tech frequency set to low.
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