Ability to use the DLC skin models in modded skins if the player owns said DLC


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Aug 11, 2018
So, after looking at Venture's wheel models when using the "Shinobi" DLC skin from Warriors of Future Past, I noticed they could have a nice synergy with the default Better Future wheels. The issue is that at the moment, modded skins can only use the default models, so there would be no way of, for example, swapping colors on the Shinobi Venture wheels to make them fit a given Better Future modded skin. There are probably others, but this is what came to mind first when I saw the new skins.

Hence my suggestion: there should be some way of choosing which models a modded skin for a corporation uses so that such a color swap becomes possible. Naturally, this would also mean that the skin would only be active and show up on the player's skin list if they actually own the DLC the models are from.