Abandoned Techs/Bases

Nerf Craft

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Sep 6, 2018
The world of TerraTech is pretty empty aside from meaningless structures that people like to build on, So here are some ideas to add more to the planet that we all know and love through abandoned techs and bases.
First, why do I think these specifically should be added rather than ancient ruins or something else? Because if we(the players) are supposed to be 'prospectors', than there should be some sign of others that failed and just left their equipment behind. So now the ideas!
Abandoned Bases:
Rarely you will find bases scattered around the world in varying sizes, from a solitary abandoned auto-miner to a dilapidated crafting base. All the blocks you find can be collected except the anchors which are too corroded and buried to be pulled from the ground. A portion of the blocks will be dilapidated, more on that later.

Dilapidated Techs:
Rarely you will find what looks like a moderately sized tech, but the blocks are too dilapidated to be of any use.
Dilapidated Blocks:
Abandoned bases and techs will have dilapidated blocks on them that cannot be collected for use, but harvesting them with a drill will yield 40-60% of the components and resources of that block. A new melee weapon, the Dismantler, will deal very little damage to other techs but increases the yield from Dilapidated blocks from 40-60% to 70-90% for increased collection of resources.
That's about it for this one, so what do you think? Give feedback and tell me how this idea could be improved!