AA Guns aren't working properly


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Aug 8, 2016
I've found that enemy EXP AA guns either won't fire at my aircraft or don't track me properly. The range also isn't great, especially if the aircraft has bombs, because they can just hang above the tech and destroy it without the target being able to do anything to defend itself. I think that the AA gun should have an 'infinite' range like the megaton, but get slower and less accurate the further the shell goes. Maybe also add a proximity detonation to make them more formidable.
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Jul 9, 2016
It's not a problem of range. The AI just refuses to activate once you're a certain distance away. If your enemy is an airship, it literally freezes and physics no longer applies to it.

One of the *MANY* reasons why i've pushed for the return of infinite manual targeting range, at the cost of instantly and permanently turning your target aggressive.

At the height where you can bomb uninterrupted, it's awfully inconvenient without at least an hour of meticulously balancing your craft, or just the constant micromanaging to keep you from straying off target. Adding manual control would allow you to bomb, and the instant aggro would make it a risk if they have missiles or AA.

In that case, infinite range on the AA would be great (infinite being render distance)
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