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    PINHATT Member

    I think it would be interesting to put a feature wikipedia type in game.
    For example, when collecting blocks for inventory you get information about this block, for example:
    Your weight
    Sale value.
    Purchase price.
    Resources obtained by recycling it.

    In weapons could also have:
    Attack Speed
    Type of damage
    range of attack

    On wheels it could have contained its average speed.

    All this would be available in a Book that the player would have access at any time, through an icon next to the screenshot.
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  2. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    this was going to be a thing (over a year ago it was going to happen) but it has not happened YET
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  3. Kohta

    Kohta Well-Known Member

    I don't really see much use for this, and even it if works like you stated I would still be opposed to it. I hate the idea of buying a game and then encouraging players to read a wiki that will tell them exactly how to play. Trial and error are what make games like TerraTech fun, players should ONLY be looking to go to a wiki when they are completely stuck on something in a game, but TerraTech isn't a complicated game at all, so there's no need to have an in-game wiki.
  4. ifnotthe2nd

    ifnotthe2nd Member

    Some level of discovery is great and does add to a game...
    However a comprehensive wiki is necessary for some players who like to optimize their play...
    Perhaps not in game. The fabricator UI seems to be enough for that, but the official wiki should have all stats available...
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    PINHATT Member

    An example of why it is not a wiki game (or something close to a wiki):

    I use the recycler a lot, but even on the wiki it says what resources I get from each recycled block, so I need to grind a lot of different blocks until I figure out which one gives me the resource I need.

    I find this very annoying and I think that a wiki in the game could help me.

    Another more statistic example:

    I want to know the durability (quantity of life) of a block to create a vehicle with the correct weapons to destroy it as fast as possible.
    Also for this I need to know how much damage my weapons apply and what kind of damage (normal or area).


    I agree that we have to have a level of discovery in the game, so that's why I said that the wiki will develop for the player as he collects blocks, if he has not collected the Hawkeye Cruise Missile yet, he will not have access to the information, it will only have the description contained in the factory.

    Another point, you are not required to use the wiki within the game, it is only there, no one is forcing you to use it.
  6. ifnotthe2nd

    ifnotthe2nd Member

    Have you tried to use the fabricator UI... Right click on a fabricator, click a block and look at its recipe... tada!
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    PINHATT Member

    Of course I tried, I'm not a child.
    What I want is the data, the statistics, the references, the things nerds love.

    I do not want a simple / brief description / or a little story behind the block that only serves to make the text fatter.

    You see?

    Stopping to think, you gave me an idea, I might have a shortcut to the item wiki on the fabricator UI and inventory as well.

    Before I say, I do not think it's good to put all the information (data, statistics, references, things nerds love) into the current inventory UI or fabricator UI, it's going to get very polluted for the player, so the idea of a Wiki within the game.
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  8. Soviet_Samuelson

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    I would like some dps and single-strike damage to see how fast it kills, and thats it. I have no idea of knqowing if some blocks is actually good unless i test it against other stuff

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