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Nov 24, 2017
I know that in the often suggested post it says that they will not do it, however there is an asterisk meaning that it could be reconsidered, all achievements right now that say campaign only should swap to saying "solo campaign only" and a few achievements that say "campaign only" still, meaning that they can be achieved in solo or multiplayer. I don't think that there should be achievements for multiplayer only because some people are forever alone. now some ideas on if this is implemented what It should be like

there should be factions
you can create a faction or join one, anybody who joins a faction gets access to the players who have enabled the option (faction control) for that player, if you don't have that access you can control your crafts only, (the reason for this is so trolls cannot join and break all of their crafts then leave), factions can go to war, anybody who joins in, will be passive, (like how quest people are not accessible) only once they have joined a faction can they be attacked.

Free For All
simply a FFA not much more to be said

one big group, same option as the factions for controlling crafts, but only one group

Lan or Online, lan as the name states a local server, Online, like how multiplayer servers work right now for the connection side.

Lost Ninja

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Jul 17, 2015
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My guess is that to make the campaign as it stands work in a multiplayer (with any rules (co-op, factions, FFA, etc)) is a major undertaking. So I personally expect it at some point I very much doubt that it will be soon. I rather hope that rather than trying to get the Campaign running in MP they get a co-op survival MP working as their first priority. The rest can be added slower because most of it would be player led anyway (for instance you can join a Kingdom now, which if they did add factions I wouldn't be surprised if that was what they called it).

As for servers I'd really like to see a dedicated server which we can customise to run the game the way we want, but I very much doubt that that will come until some other varient of MP comes too because as far as I understand it currently it's not needed.
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