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  1. I recently replayed the game after a long break when it hit 8. I went to the wiki for information on crafting and couldn't find anything except the old crafting system recipes. So I made a spreadsheet of all the resources, components, what the components are made of, component costs, and a calculator where you can input everything a recipe requires and it will break it down into the raw resources it takes and give the value of the components and of those raw resources. Use the 'make a copy' under file to copy the whole sheet to use it. Let me know if I put anything in wrong, I did some tests by hand and it seemed to all work.

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  3. Yeah I saw the components page but that was the only page that seemed to have up to date recipes. I wanted something for the blocks. Really only made it for myself as an exercise because I'm teaching myself advanced spreadsheet stuff but i figured others might get some use out of it.
  4. Im working on making it accept multipliers for components instead of listing them multiple times. Its not exactly reasonable for things like the venture titan wheel to list out all 23 parts
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    A solid Effort; Two Suggestions:

    1) Reverse the Axises on the "Calculator" Worksheet so the document can be printed onto a single page.

    2) On the "Cost Sheet" Worksheet Columns "H", "I" (eye) should probably be renamed:

    "H" - Ingredient / Material Value
    " I " - Sale / Manufactured Value

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