A Request For The Developers To Officially Sponsor Kingdoms


Founder Of Bacon, Inc
Jan 15, 2017
Eleven days ago, I posted this in the kingdoms subforum:
"With the recent inactivity in Kingdoms and forums in general, Kingdoms seem to be suffering, with only a few total active members. This resulted from multiple factors, including but not limited to:

1. The decision to create the steam workshop for TerraTech. This has slowly and gradually drained attention and activity away from the forums and to the workshop. Now, activity on the forum is relegated to bug reports, the occasional half-hearted suggestion, and little to no activity otherwise.

2. A lack of knoweledge of the forums. Since TerraTech is purchased on Steam, it is unlikely that people may even know about the Forums, therefore never knowing about the existence of Kingdoms. I am sure that there are many people willing to roleplay if they just knew where to do it.

3. The TTKingdoms Discord. Much like the steam workshop, this has also siphoned off what little activity remained in the forums. Even though both places are meant to cover the same thing, further investigation reveals that trying to put the two back together is infeasible and does not work.

4. People being busy. This is of no one's fault. We all need to live, get education, and have social lives. However, the best way to mitigate this problem is to have active people form different time zones, different parts of the globe, and in general just to have more active people.

This leads to the conclusion, that we must petition the devs to include more advertisements for Kingdoms in the game. Whether that is done directly (through pop-ups, tips/hints, the main menu, etc), or indirectly (adding more Kingdom references in blocks, missions, etc) can be decided later.

Before I petition the developers to make this decision, I want to make sure I have the backing of the few remaining active people. If you have suggestions to make, please write them down as we only have one shot of convincing the devs to make such a big decision.

Thank you and stay active. Long Live Kingdoms!"

I got very few replies, mainly due to the aforementioned reasons, but the few I got approved of this petition, but to proceed with caution (Original Thread)

I am now making this petition official to the developers.

I am asking for some way in the game that the existence of Kingdoms can be advertised to all players. This can be done through loading screen hints, a section of a window on the main menu, or maybe even some missions relating to kingdoms. Anything along this general line would work. We just need something more than a block that only a few would understand.

Increasing activity in Kingdoms will also help to increase activity of the entire forum. More forum activity would help to increase interaction among the playerbase, and would in turn help to strengthen ties between player and developer. As I said above, I am sure that there are people willing to roleplay, post techs, give suggestions, etc, if they just had a place to do it.

Back to the topic of Kingdoms-an increased activity in kingdoms would give players a good chance to roleplay and have fun. We have seen this in the past, and we know it can work, as long as we have the people to sustain the system constantly. What we are currently missing are the people.

I understand that this is a risky move in many ways, and I am in no way forcing this upon the developers. I understand that kingdoms have a somewhat troubled history, and that it will take a lot of work from both the developers and community to make something like this function. But if we all put in the work and get more people, it will function.


Jul 23, 2018
Petition received loud and clear!

I'll be the first to admit that Kingdoms haven't been shown much love in recent months. So apologies for that.

I'm going to work on some cool and fun ways in which we can get the Kingdoms back to their former glory. I'll share more detail on the Kingdoms forum when I have them but rest assured, we will make Kingdoms great again!