A change to how skins work

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The Crawling Chaos
Nov 23, 2017
My idea is relatively small, if not exactly simple: Textures and models for blocks being separately changeable.

My reasoning for this is that since people arent allowed to publicly share skin packs that use DLC models it would be best if players with the DLC could at least use different color sets from skin packs on those parts(eg a plane made with venture weapons of war models for the wings but in hawk eye colors), this could also add a way for some currently unobtainable weapons to be made obtainable without changing game balance, by making them alternate models for their obtainable counterparts if they have one. Model changes would still be done with the skin UI and the player could change between model and color changing via a button.


Director-General of GreenTech
Apr 4, 2019
Surprisingly that would raise the DLC net value.
While it breaks the thematic tie between the Skin and the Model, which I know Payload sees as important and might think it is what makes it special, it would let you combine each feature with any other skin or default models of the game.
Raising the combinations raises the customization options.

However there are two main challenges to overcome:
1. In some cases the alternate models are UV mapped in special ways specific to the alt skin textures. A change of texture could break them in unpredictable ways, therefore requiring a new UV mapping to fix each possible issue.
2. A model swapping system would require a new UI element and coding, even though this has been suggested before, devs didn't see it as priority yet. But the economic gain from that feature is real and could be seen as more than a burdening feature to introduce.

These issues fixed, we have a much better customization system at hand, and the DLCs get much more popular and profitable.