[8.2] Weird problem {NaNMPH NanFT}

Discussion in 'Bugs (Stable Only)' started by Gayvid`, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Gayvid`

    Gayvid` Yes, I'm a well-known member

    I swear to god, every single problem ends up in NaNMPH NanFT. So I got this massive plane off the steam workshop and use it, I was on purposely trying to break it, meanwhile missiles from the enemy slide right in the backend on the plane. I get NanMPH NanFT, This is always the error that occurs when I'm experiencing a bug.

    I lost the crash report
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  2. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    What does that mean?
  3. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether SFS SUPREME COMMANDER (on roleplay holiday)

    Basically Not a Number (NaN) speed/ height. I'm no coder. Is this right @Sdarks? You're a coder, correct?
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  4. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    The error tends to happen when there is tech intersection and one block is inserted to (perfectly) overlap another, causing the collision physics calculation to divide by zero and get a nonsense result for the resultant knock-back speed (or something along those lines).

    I edited some more information into the title future reference, in "{}".
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  5. Zorgomol

    Zorgomol Well-Known Member

    There are just a few situations where NaNs pop up in ordinary floating point math. Most common is divide zero by zero, which in physics is often in trying to normalize a zero length vector. Other cases I can remember offhand are infinity minus infinity (and sign-variation equivalents, since +inf and -inf are distinct) and infinity divided by infinity. Infinity divided by zero is still infinity, though.

    NaNs are sometimes called "toxic" because any calculation with a NaN results in another NaN, so that they "poison" everything they touch. As an example of this, I think many people have seen those black squares that sometimes show up with depth of field or pause menu blur. That's because when a GPU calculation results in a NaN it just gives up and skips the whole pixel.
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  6. Lord Zarnox

    Lord Zarnox Founder of the IFTTES

    That would equal infinity. Well, sort of. Infinity is a concept, used to refer to infinite numbers in relation to finite numbers. As with finite numbers, there are an infinite number of infinite numbers.
    Also, Aleph Null is the smallest infinite number.

    On another note, welcome to NaN-land. Enjoy your stay.
  7. Sdarks


    I can confirm that it looks like NaN as in Not a Number, can't help you as you why or how I'm afraid as that's not a part of the code I've looked at before and the problem is not one I've seen.
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  8. Sdarks


    If you can provide some more details about the problems you're experiencing and when you experience them I can get it entered into our bug system so someone can take a good at it. But I can't do much with the information you've given so far, sorry.
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  9. Gayvid`

    Gayvid` Yes, I'm a well-known member

    Correct me if I'm wrong but usually, NAN, NA or Null Comes if a certain piece of code fails and a part of the game isn't getting registered, this can happen by having an entity or anything with a hitbox entering an unloaded part of the game save. Sometimes causing Rendering issues or fail to position everything and failure to go by the physics of the game, thus making the game stop whatever it's doing. This theory of mine can co-relate to why my game crashes because this happens when I glitch into something.

    I don't know if this game is different but usually in crash reports or consoles of games I play display messages that imply that I basically am glitched into something and it has to close the game or skip and re-register everything. This usually happens at 0 fps but TT always crashes and doesn't work like that.
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  10. Sdarks


    I don't want to sit here and nit pick specific words or theories as there's always multiple things that could cause a crash or a bug. It's not as simple as seeing NaN somewhere and going "Oh right that's caused by this". There's also a large difference between null and NaN but that's not relevant here.

    The most important thing is that for us to look into this we need some more information. If you check out this post it might help https://forum.terratechgame.com/index.php?threads/bug-reporting-a-quick-guide.8894/ . Basically we need to know what your problem is, what you were doing when it happened (bonus points if you can post exact steps to reproduce the problem), and if it's a crash a crash dump or output log is very useful. So if you can let us know what you were doing when you see the issue, what the issue actually is and how it affects you playing the game, and any other information that could be relevant then I'll get it entered into our bug system so that someone can take a look at it and potentially fix it.

    We hate bugs as much as you guys do, so when you can provide us ways to reproduce the bugs on our machines or even a place to start looking it really helps us make the game as bug free as we can get it.
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  11. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

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  12. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether SFS SUPREME COMMANDER (on roleplay holiday)

    Hahaha. Squashing bugs...
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  13. Gayvid`

    Gayvid` Yes, I'm a well-known member

    Adding a replay submenu would be helpful so we can send you a small video on the crash when we get one. I don't know why I get extremely rare crashes all the time and not common ones. I usually do stupid stuff in R&D, that's probably why I crash all the time. In the Future, I'll hope to bring more details with my crashes.

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