4.0 - 4.1 version thoughts


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Dec 18, 2014
To all the Terra Techies out there ;)

I've tried the new versions and am very happy that i finally do not need to check on new updates thanks to the steam release. To be honest when i played the 4.0 version for the first time i actually thought: Dang, they messed it up (funny how watching a series like King of the Hill can influence your vocabulary).

I am quite certain that this release was not a good idea for the steam launch as it was kind of a set back not being able to actually do anything else then sticking blocks together, driving and fighting. The missing control of the base makes the game look "small". As i knew it from before the patch, i also knew that the base would come back. but for a new player who just bought the game this looks like there's not much more then a graphic demo with some shooting and lego :rolleyes:.

After trying out the new system a bit i have a few suggestions.

1. Add control
I know that simplification is a goal when programming interfaces etc. but please restore the control of fabrication, selling and converting to a level that matches the one they used to have.

(sorry to interrupt but this reminded me of a video about simplification i saw a few days ago. :D as programmers you might find this as funny, ironic as i myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPCibS87jW0#t=21
makes me wonder about the 2.0 version! With a robot pressing..... :p)

Back to the interface
  • No more auto building parts->not only does the fabricator produce the wrong parts, they also cause massive lag floating over the base. Either add some function to switch a fabricator off or to select what one wants to build. This automatic random building is... bad.
  • No more automatic selling of resources-> instead of keeping the shield alive, all resource are being sold and bang the base is gone.
  • On/Off switch for everything, even the shields, to conserve energy.
Adding these functions (or something in that way) is essential. I believe you might even loose customers if they'd try a demo of the current version. Especially if they find hints that there was a "working" base before.

2. Reduce lag -> add resource storage
It is optically funny and a eyecatcher to see the the resources hopping around the base (i actually love the idea connecting the bases parts with those conveyor pieces where the things hop over) but the currently not needed and not sold stuff should perhaps be stored in a temporary storage part "the compression matrix" or something like that which can store X ress units internally (building multiple adds more storage, perhaps they could even be "controlable" to set what gets stored and not in one specific storage->pluck off the storage with only oil in it and put it to your truck-> makes specific ress"transportable"). At least such a storage could greatly reduce the lag around ones base, not having dozens of little pieces floating over it unused . Only the ones needed for production would then hop around.

3. Reduced functionality on update -> Explain in the patch notes
When i played the 4.0 i was actually a bit shocked that suddenly all these functions were missing. Reading the forum, i guess i was not alone feeling like that. A short exlaination why this had been done in the patch notes would have been great and saved many questions in the forum

Puh i guess that's it for suggestions.
Please go on building this great game (it is currently my personal number one game and given the current market without competition :D).
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Feb 7, 2015
Wholeheartedly agree with the random fabrication (bad) and automatically selling everything (worse) comments. It's very frustrating to have to regularly disconnect and reconnect the delivery cannon from my base/tech to keep my fuel from getting sold and shields crashing.

I also find the conveyor behavior a bit baffling at times. For example, items circling around a square of four conveyor blocks when there are plenty of others connected directly to them. Something that showed behavior would help (e.g., arrows or dots showing in/out directions) or an ability to set direction.

I understand and appreciate the desire to keep the game simple enough for folks to pick up on, but giving control to more advanced builders (who choose to use it - toggle or settings in Options?) will surely result in some amazing creations and a more engaging and enjoyable game.

Keep up the good work and frequent updates and thanks for a cool game!
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Sep 16, 2014
London, UK
I agree with why you feel confused with the changes (I did too!).

The changes we made were part of a long term overhaul to how the base works - for the better. This will eventually give the player a more in depth way of interacting with the base than was in previous builds. The old base was static, came pre-packed and you couldn't move it. The new base is completely moveable and works in the same way building a vehicle works - which we feel fits with the TerraTech vibe a whole lot more!

There is a lot more work to be done with adding new base parts and explaining them - so stay tuned. It'll all get better :)
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Aug 14, 2014
I understand and appreciate the desire to keep the game simple enough for folks to pick up on, but giving control to more advanced builders (who choose to use it - toggle or settings in Options?) will surely result in some amazing creations and a more engaging and enjoyable game.
What we're trying to aim for is what you said above - more advanced builders make their base how they want, while the rest can just put things in and get cool new parts to play with.

Rather than a big menu and a static base, we feel it's more TerraTech-y to construct your own bases to suit your needs.

As Jamie said, there is a lot more work to be done and it will all get better :)
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Aug 18, 2014
Discussing 0.4.1, going from the start so far I was directed to 3 different bases that I could then capture. Transporting stuff to gather them together is kinda silly. Attach stuff to my bot in the back, drive over, detach and then add to my new base.

Enemy gathering bots get stuck a lot.

Identifying base components is difficult. Some look much like others. Found I have to detach, attach to my bot and then double click to get a pop-up describing the base part.

The heal shield and defense shields are terribly small. I like how base battery components have indicator bars on the side. Nice fun, touch. The solar power tower is great for keeping the shields up. The wood fueled power generator seems to do a poor job.

Instructions or tutorial on how the base works? Hopefully this will be added at some point.

Instructions on how to build a friendly bot to help me? I know how to do it but good luck if you are new.

Instructions or tutorial on how to build new bot parts? Hopefully this will be added at some point.

0.4.1 is much more playable. Big improvement. The new direction with bases might be fun or might be quite tedious and unintuitive.