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  1. AstraTheDragon

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    Hiya there.
    If you've ever played TerraTech before you've probably noticed the Wiki isn't up to much...
    But what if I told you there was an easy way you could help?
    Here are my 3 easy ways to help out with the Wiki.

    1. Play 'Papers Please'

    Some of the wiki articles will have incorrect information in their block infoboxes. What you can do to help is find discrepancies between the Wiki and the game and alert me (via DM preferably) to them.
    Infobox.png (<An example of an infobox.)
    Remember to check if the block license, rarity, crafting recipe, buy cost and scrap value are correct. Remember that
    scrap value = buy cost รท 3
    I find this base (snapshot): WikiBase.png helps when searching for discrepancies.

    2. Copypasta

    Currently most of GeoCorp, Venture and Hawkeye's block pages are still pretty barebones. They could do with a bit more life in them. Most of GSO's block pages are finished, so copying what's written there, pasting it on a similar block's page from another corporation and changing some words and values could do it a power of good! Do your best to make sure it's updated for the new block's page. Also remember to link things to other wiki pages where possible.

    3. Be the critic

    We do not presume that the pages we have already overhauled are perfect and a new perspective would be excellent! Any critique, recommendations or desired changes to any page without a 'stub' marker would be welcomely received. (Once again please DM them to me. Thanks.)
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    We also need some people to make a TV Tropes page for TerraTech. It still doesn't have one, and that makes me sad that I cant ruin my life by spending hours reading it, and opening new tabs.
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    I don't have the time or energy (mostly the energy) to do much but feel free to use the spreadsheet in my sig it's fairly up to date and mostly accurate (Venture needs updating but I'll wait till 1.0 for that now). If you need it formatting another way ask and I can see what I can do. I can also output it into a valid html table (not a excel saved as html, proper html... ;)
  4. AstraTheDragon

    AstraTheDragon A dapper dragon

    Oops... :oops:
    Was I meant to ask? :D I've already been using it for data such as block HP values and battery capacity!
    Thank you very much for offering and thanks, because it's been invaluably useful. Thanks for the work you did in doing that :).
    And thanks for being willing to help. No worries about that, you've already been an excellent asset with the block chart.
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    Here you go.

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