14/11/18 Better Future Release ComCore Stream Highlights.

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A dapper dragon
Sep 9, 2017
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So sleek... So smooth... It can all be yours for a low price today! Continue looking down to see the new Better Future catalogue to mark its offworld debut! (We only serve people rich enough to buy RnD, sorry.)

Plebian non-BF techs (Just kidding, these are great!)

MindlessMr.Awesome's Aircraft Carrier was insane and it deserved it, having taken a year to build.
Pretty soon Matt and Zeena worked out how to operate the lift.

Seth_Seth had made himself a birthday cake, which Zeena pointed out looked like a pokéball and claimed it for herself...

ThunderFlame built an interesting HydroPod flying thing which seemed to have VTOL capabilities.
Zeena tried it out and oofed into a target. Bullseye?

Sakura submitted through GK his own aircraft carrier, this time one that flies! It too looks sleek... But not Better Future sleek :p This multitech also utilises Legionite's HAVCS technology.

Probably the most impressive multitech of the stream, though, was Nuke_Pulse's articulated Dump Truck which opened and tipped and everything! Superb tech.

The real stuff! (The last ones were real too...)

peterb39 made a pair of u l t r a s l e e k Better Future cars, one of which floated. Better Future, for a better aesthetic. Seriously though, absolutely beautiful.

NotExactlyHero's little hovercraft was cute and futuristic hence its namesake. Half the size, double the inspiration.

For all you superbike fans, ZeroGravitas has remade his venture lean-in bike in Better Future making it Futuristic and Better. Shall we call it Better Future?
ZeroGravitas also made a spaceship thing that looked a lot like a Naboo Starfighter. While piloting it, Zeena was naming the monuments she flew by. Better Future. Innovation that inspires.
Lastly, ZeroGravitas made a little hover drone who Zeena thought looked like was trying to calm down a situation. Effortless. Unique. Advanced.

QuackDuck built a hovercraft he named the FireFly. With all its rear engines, this thing is for the big bois with the big pockets only. Innovation always required sacrifice, and here it's your wallet.

Potato submitted a very cool drag racer aptly called the Accelo using the new propeller blocks in copious quantities. Better Future. Intelligent motion.

Falchion's Prelude was absolutely beautiful. I thought. Perfectly capturing what Zeena had been saying about greebling, and our first partially Better Future airship on stream! Better Future .Simple Complexity.

The real champion of this stream though, I think, is Scallywag Mag, with his loaded RnD save full of unique techs including alternate NPCs.
I thought his Boop Snoot was both adorable and practical.
His BFHE Combined Ops Plane also looked absolutely amazing, while still remaining well armed.