10 Things that should definitely be in the future of Terra Tech


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Jul 1, 2016
I understand that Terra Tech is still in it's early stages. Hawkeye was a HUGE update and an amazing one, but what it added in wasn't exactly what we are looking for. Games that keep adding content without functionality end up in big ditches where people see no reason to play, because once you go through all the content it tends to get boring. Here are 10 additions that would add more functionality into the game.

1. Multiplayer: As us Terra-Techians all know, Terra Tech is about 3 hours' work until you've basically beaten it. You end up with no real challenges left because your tech is too good against all the foes the game spawns in. The AI for Techs are not the best, and are no problem against a human. The only real computer than can beat a human's brain is another human. I have some ideas for multiplayer, and I can certainly bet that you have heard a lot from other players who have no doubt also been suggesting multiplayer, but I just want you developers to hear mine.
-An arena mode where 2 players get a certain amount of money in an arena and a certain time limit to build their tech. The amount of money should start at 5,000 and different versions should go up to 20,000 (at least, because professionals will want to test out their expensive planes. I have one that can decimate both air and ground, but costs around 70,000.) with higher time limits. Make the arena big enough so that players can run, but not hide.
-A team mode where two teams or more fight to the death. Each player gets a certain amount of money so they can build what they choose, and a time limit at the start so they have time to see what other people are making. Then they fight to the death, and the team with the last player (or more) wins. You should make other game modes, such as destroying the opposing team's base. In that game mode, each team would have 3 players, and at the start there would be no time limit. The arena for this game mode should be a little bigger, and it should have all the resources that the regular game would have. Players on each team have to go out and collect resources to get money, and craft things. You have to craft a block to be able to purchase it again, just like in the regular game so that it creates a race to see who will be able to get weapons first. The whole goal in the end is to destroy the AI block in the enemy's base so that they will stop respawning. After that you have to kill the remaining players so that in the event that both AI blocks for both teams' bases are destroyed, you can still win.
This idea is making me so excited to see it happen.

2. Factions: As I stated earlier, it is simply too easy to play single player anymore. Multiplayer would be an amazing addition to Terra Tech, but do you really want to just abandon single player?
Going against one tech is easy enough, and sometimes you end up going against a bunch of Techs but the result is usually the same. What about going against an organised group that will send everything they have at you? The whole story of terra tech is that you are going to this new alien world to mine it's precious resources. So far, only singular miners or small groups of miners have gone in. There are the big corporations that supply miners with the tools, but why aren't there any big actual mining corporations that have gone in there with massive amounts of techs and money?
Don't misunderstand; I'm not talking about adding in more of the ambush missions or renegade techs. I'm talking about adding in big corporations that have an advanced AI that will place large bases as you explore the world. The only way to beat it is to destroy all the corporation cabs. The corporations will use several different base types, and certainly not the old ones like tower power or the useless processor base. I am talking about ones with walls and large factories within.
The first sign of a base will be the scout techs. You will find them wandering around the world near a base that will spawn or has spawned. If you are spotted by a scout, then it will run in the direction of it's base, and the attack techs will come at you from the direction of the base. If you go closer to the base without seeing any scouts, you will start to find miners wandering about and gathering resources. The AI in the miners will make them fill up their tractor pads (now called collectors I believe) and then head in the direction of the base. If you are spotted by a miner, it will just simply attempt to flee in no specific direction. If you monitor the miner without being spotted, it will lead you to the base. You can then try and take on the base, although they are heavily shielded with plenty of solar power and batteries for night. The base also automatically sorts through fuels, like wood, and keeps a stockpile of them for night (I don't know if you'll have to add a new block for this, but I think that the generators will just take wood from silos when they need them). These defenses make the player have to come up with new designs other than just brute force. A player can make his own faction or corporation (the name's up to you) after he takes on the original one. There is a lot more to be said about this, but this section is already getting too long. I'll leave it up to you developers if you want to work on this or not and hope that you will make the right calls when needed.

3. Plane AIs/cabs: My favorite thing in Terra Tech are the planes. I use my mother's twitter account (dawnzrising) to make planes and share them using the R&D test chamber. I have grown very skilled in the art of making planes in terra tech (mainly because I spent about 3 hours in my early days figuring it out) and I continue to come up with designs in my sleep. There are quite a few things I would like to say about planes, but one of them would be plane AIs.
If I made that unclear, there are no plane AIs currently. This means that you will be flying on your lonesome for all of eternity in terra tech, because no AI is smart enough (really I would say none of them are not dumb enough) to fly a plane. You make two AI blocks, one for fighters and one for bombers. Fighters attempt to aim directly at their targets and shoot at them, while bombers try and fly over their targets. Bombers would be simpler to code, so I suggest making them first (if you make them at all, which I desperately hope you do). Fighters need to be able to aim at other airborne targets, so I would suggest making them later when you have the time. Both planes need to have some sort of mapping so that they don't run into ground targets, which would mean that there had to be a bit of code that would determine the plane's turning speed. Bombers need to have some mechanism to be able to aim their guns at their target properly and calculate the speed of the fall of each weapon that it designates as one of it's bombing weapons (which sounds really complex, but really it doesn't need to be perfect).
Then there needs to be that thing when you left-click on another tech. The options for this AI circle should be follow (if multiple AIs given this order, then should try and form up in a goose triangle pattern without hitting themselfs), hunt (fly around and attack anything you see), escort (fly with you in formation and attack in formation) and then control, which will only be allowed if you have a cab on that tech.
The cabs will work with different controls than regular cabs. If you press shift, it will make your plane go forwards. It is the equivalent of pressing w on the ground. Pressing w will make you lean forward. Pressing s will make you tilt back. Pressing A and D will make you tilt from side to side. Pressing Q and E will make you turn from side to side. I cannot express the importance of adding in Q and E controls enough. It is nearly impossible to turn planes to aim at your target using the old controls. Also, tail fins should serve have a reason other than keeping your plane from slipping through the air sideways.
I'm assuming that if you developers have actually read this and attempt to add it to the game, then you can figure out the specific details on your own. Besides, the longer you read this the longer it will take for you to actually add it to the game (and read the rest).

4. Helicopter AIs/cabs: One of my biggest pet peeves with people's creations that they've uploaded is that they don't understand what helicopters do. Helicopters hover; not zoom forward and constantly point down. They should only do that when you press w. But the thing is that in terra tech, there isn't really much of an option. If you want an attack heli, you can't make a perfectly hovering helicopter that will stay perfectly hovering if you fire. Trust me; I've tried extremely hard to do so. I got very close, but in the end it would always be pushed backwards due to recoil. This is because I simply don't think that the terra tech developers have thought much about this. Well, at least not in fixing it. Well I have a (decently) simple solution; make helicopter AIs/cabs.
The cabs are more similar to ground vehicle cabs than to airplane cabs. When your on the ground, pressing shift will make your rotors, or whatever propulsion you have, go up. Even if you have rotors on the bottom side of your tech, pressing shift will make them go in reverse. It will not just simple turn them on. Once you stop pressing shift, your rotors will decrease speed to where you will be perfectly hovering, allowing you more control. Pressing Caps Lock (or some other button) will make you go down, and will keep you hovering when you release. The only time you will stop hovering is when you touch and object, which will then 'activate an emergency shut-off' and will make you drop. This will make for better landings, as now there won't be an on/off button, however interesting that would be. However, after you've touched something and your heli has turned off, you can turn it back on by pressing and holding shift again. Pressing w will make you go forward which may or may not make you descend, depending on your design (if the design isn't balanced enough, then it may always be tilting one way; the automatic controls only try to make it stable). A and D will attempt to move you from side to side without steering (directly moving left or right), and Q and E will make you steer. Pressing A and D will engage all things able to push you in that direction, again using backwards things in reverse if needed. Q and E, however, will instead only use things that will actually turn the craft in that direction. For example: using A will engage a 5-way steering hover at the front and the back of a craft in the same direction, using Q will engage them in opposite directions.
Now enough with that; AIs are also very important. AIs will hover a safe distance above the ground based on their upward thrust. The lower the upward thrust is, the higher they hover for safety. Also, the lower it is and their speed will determine how far ahead the game will measure for objects for it to avoid. This also goes for going backwards. Turning uses a similar method. Again, I assume you developers who may or may not be reading this are fairly smart, so I will leave the actual work up to you (not as if I had a choice).

5. Add in ammo: Some things are just too OP to have no ammo. Like those missiles you just added in will absolutely wreck the type of techs you go up against in terra tech. They're too long ranged for techs that can only see a couple meters in front of them. And for them to have no ammo is just ridiculous. Here's my solution: add in resources that are actually not resources. They can get carried around just like resources, and when just like resources, can be sold. They are obviously crafted from things, and give off more than just 1 when they are crafted. I would like to see this be added to all things that should require ammo in real life, but I have a sinking feeling that you guys aren't going to add that in because it will change the game too much. I think it would make a great world option so that way old worlds won't have their techs ruined because of none of the techs having ammo. But I'm going to stop talking and actually get into the details.
Everything that shoots something that isn't an energy weapon should require ammo. I think that in order to store ammo without lag, you should add in cargo containers. Cargo containers can store 1 thing. That one thing is posted in a picture on the side of the container with a number of how many are in there. A small cargo container should be able to store 4 resources of one type. There should be different sizes of cargo containers, because that's what you developers did to every other stinking block in Terra Tech. Each one holds a certain amount of 1 item based on their size. Cargo containers containing ammo of any type should be given a certain tag (in the code) that will make them blow up when they are destroyed, making it so you have to strategically place them. This will balance out the current gun problem, as right now you can just slap on as many guns as you want and never have to worry about it. Now you have something to worry about for having that many guns.
The ammo should be able to be bought from a trading station as well as being able to craft it, or else it would be nearly impossible to acquire it early-game. Whether you want the ammo to have to be delivered directly to the gun or whether it can just be stored on-board is simply up to the developers. I think that some very powerful guns should have the ammo need to be directly imported into them, because A; their ammo is too big to simply be piped through the imaginary tubes in the blocks that pipe the other ammo to them and B; it would make the big guns more vulnerable. This 'piping to the gun' can simply be done just by placing a cargo container next to the gun that the ammo needs to be piped to. You can use conveyors to automatically load ammo into the crates within the tech. You can also use Silos if you so wish, but I can't imagine how that would ever turn out well in an enclosed space. Especially for planes, when all the cargo falls out.
There should be several types of ammo specified for each gun. I will make a list below of what each gun should need to allow easier reading;

V= Venture, GSO= Galactic Survey Organization, GEO= Geocorps (I don't think there are any), HE= Hawk Eye, MD= Mindle (my personal username when playing games, which indicates that this is a gun that I want added)
Pip machine gun(V), ZK-47(GSO), Muted gun(HE): Light machine gun ammo (cost: 20BB, 50 shots per resource chunk, you guys figure out a recipe for all of these)

Hail Fire(V), Chain Gun (HE): Heavy rifle ammo (cost: 50BB, 50 shots per resource chunk)

Oozee(V), Machine gun(HE): Rapid-fire machine gun ammo (cost: 70BB, 200 shots per resource chunk. You may need to change these a little)

3-pound cannon(GSO), 8-tube mortar(GSO): Small explosive shot (cost: 50BB, 25 shots per resource chunk)

Megaton Cannon(GSO), Tank turret(HE): High explosive shot (cost: 80BB, 25 shots per resource chunk)

Missile pods(HE): Light missile (cost: 50BB, 10 shots per resource chunk)

Cruise missile launcher(HE): Heavy missile (cost: 75BB, 5 shots per resource chunk)

Minigun(HE): Heavy machine gun ammo (cost: 100BB, 500 shots per resource chunk)

*if I missed anything, I'm sure you developers can use your heads to come up with a new ammo or use one of these (if you use them at all)
Again, it is easier to craft the ammo than to sell it. An easier way of getting ammo is by killing enemies, as long as you don't blow up the ammo first. Enemies have a tag (in the code) that makes them enemies and not friendly techs. In that tag there should be an additional tag that makes them not use ammo. That way it will make it more even for a sentient to go up against a dumb AI. Again, this should be a world option for when you first make the world. If you disable it, the game will use the old designs for techs and not the new ones that have ammo crates in them. I think that if you add multiplayer, make 2 types of difficulty for the servers: normal and hardcore (which is actually just easy and normal). Normal is just how I said it to be in idea #1; regular terra tech, none of this ammo crap. Hardcore is where you have ammo and other additions you would like to make.

This is part one of two, the other 4 are going to be on a separate thread because there is sadly a limit to how many characters you can have (20,000) in a thread. Sad sad. The second thread is named exactly how this one is, but instead has part 2 in the parenthesis. I believe that you can figure it out, smart children. If you would like to continue to follow my ideas, simply search what I just said the second thread is called.


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Oct 9, 2014
United Kingdom
Already under early development.

NPCs with Factions and Multiplayer Factions have both been discussed as a possibility in the past.

Plane AIs/cabs
Helicopter AIs/cabs
Because each vehicle flies differently, this may not be possible without the use of much more complex AI, such as Artificial Neural Networks (WIKI), but, as far as I am aware, it is on Payload Studios' To-Do/Wishlist.

Add in ammo
This has cropped up multiple times in the past and Payload Studios current stance on this seems to be "NO", but that isn't necessarily set in stone. It is however, extremely unlikely that you'll see it any time soon.

Saying that: Modding is also on their wishlist, so one day Soon™ that may be adjustable by the players.


Aug 13, 2014

Nice list of suggestions there. As @ilikegoodfood says:

Multiplayer - in development right now.

Factions and NPCs with larger forces, bigger bases - yeah, this is absolutely something we want to do. As the harvest and guard AI is improved this becomes more viable.

Flying AI - yes this will come. We really want this too.

Ammo - Not likely, perhaps for some powerful weapons (maybe the new HE missiles) we might make them single use. For most normal guns it would likely add an extra layer of complication that we're not comfortable with. One of the design pillars for TT is accessibility, fiddly ammo limitations would run counter to that. We will however introduce weapon overheating and cooldown times for some guns.
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Jul 1, 2016

Ammo - Not likely, perhaps for some powerful weapons (maybe the new HE missiles) we might make them single use. For most normal guns it would likely add an extra layer of complication that we're not comfortable with. One of the design pillars for TT is accessibility, fiddly ammo limitations would run counter to that. We will however introduce weapon overheating and cooldown times for some guns.
Alright, that makes sense. It just sometimes feels like endless spewing out bullets feels kinda cheaty, but ammo wasn't really one of the things Terra Tech necessarily needs. As I suggested in the thread, maybe add it in as a world option for us hardcore players who want the extra challenge. I mean, yeah I get what you're saying about it kinda ruining the whole accessibilty thing, and that's why I suggested it as an option for when you set up your game. About the complicatedness... well I guess that it won't be added XD
I was suggesting it as something hardcore players like me would like, but really as long as you can add in a lot of the other stuff I suggested, like multiplayer and the flying AI, I'll be satisfied.
And I just want to repeat what I said in the thread, Terra Tech has some serious potential in it for being a seriously fun game. So keep up the good work!


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Nov 5, 2015
and you bring up another interesting point. Difficulty Level. Things like Ammo, single use weapons, connective magnetism (that is, how strongly blocks will hold together at connection points), and individual block HP, as well as the price of parts, sell price of parts and resources, and crafting requirements could all be manipulated to create varying levels of difficulty of play. then we, as you say 'Hardcore' players could enjoy a higher level of realism without diminishing the intended accessability to new or casual players.

Also i wouldnt be me without nit picking this. You thread title says ten things. you listed five.