[1.6.1][PC-Stable] Game freezes on blue launch screen.


New Member
May 31, 2024
As the title suggests, the game freezes hard when entering the blue loading screen on launch and does not budge no matter what I do.
Nothing involving updating systems or creating new installation and save locations has alleviated the issue in anyway, even deleting all of my save content of 2 years.

My working theory is that the unity engine is having trouble functioning or is conflicting with something I cannot find due to the unity error sending window popping up after the game closes. This problem has cropped up far before and I just decided to stop playing for a very long time due to lost of interest. Now that terratech worlds is out, I wanted to play again to see some subtle differences but I see that the issue is not resolved and might be specific to me (and to play a version of the game that doesn't heat my pc to 90'c on the mid-low settings).