[1.4][PC] Tech Orientation Bug


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Jul 9, 2019
PC, likely others unless the code is drastically different

Game version:
1.4 (Current as of this post)


Game Mode:

The game appears to use some sort of 'absolute' orientation (what direction counts as forward, up, left, right etc. relative to the tech) to determine the relative that treads, wheels, and other directionally-locked blocks distinct from the orientation used by all the other game mechanics, based on the direction the primary control block faces. The absolute orientation is locked into the bot at the moment that blocks are added to the initial cab. Once locked in, the only recourse is to rebuild the entire tech from scratch if you discover you'd accidentally locked in the wrong absolute orientation.
Either remove the absolute orientation entirely and base all tech orientation mechanics off the orientation of the primary control block, or provide a tool to allow the player to change the orientation of the primary block manually. Actually . . . just get rid of it. I cannot think of a compelling reason to even *have* the absolute orientation.

Steps to reproduce:
This is most easily accomplished in R&D Mode. Start by building a tech to your liking. The only real requirement at this step is that it is made of more blocks than just the cab. Then, change the orientation of the cab. Press B to move the tech to an 'upright' position relative to the cab's new orientation. Open your inventory, navigate to the Geocorp XL Continuous Track (this has the most restrictive set of allowed positions), select it, and attempt to add it to your tech. Observe the available positions the track is allowed to take, and further observe that they do not correlate with the expected positions, based on the orientation of your cab.
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Jan 3, 2015
Oh yes, possibly one of the oldest bugs of all lol I think this is so niche that all the long time players that know it just think of it more as a quirk than a bug. It is annoying for sure btw.
I wonder if it still happens, but you can be reorienting the cab on a tech and get the cursor on the radar point in a wrong way even when you are going forward normally.

Also, I've built some techs like this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1860744806
, where I used this bug to have GSO blocks that can't be oriented upside down put on the bottom side of the tech. Worked, but when you spawn it, it tends to be upside down and get me to build beam, or even pop up from under the terrain upside down, damaging parts on the process. Lolz.