(1.4) Odd Animation - Mecanum Wheel "Sideways" Rotation


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Apr 4, 2019

First of all this is not a game breaking bug, and I was wondering if it was a bug or suggestion, I don't know if that behavior is intended.

Mecanum Wheels normally placed, when moving sideways, always rotate in the same direction regardless of the sideway movement direction.
It has that screw pattern on the border so it seems odd that it doesn't rotate in opposite directions when going either way.

Example gif recorded by isqltychips:

Notice it rotates normally when the mecanum wheel acts like a normal wheel, but when it moves sideways, it rotates at the same direction in both ways.

So the way I propose of fixing this is making it so that:

  1. When a Mecanum Wheel moves sideways, it rotates clockwise to the left, counter clockwise to the right, or vice versa.

  2. A wheel facing left will rotate clockwise when a wheel facing right rotates counter clockwise, and vice versa (so that they display the same rotation in relation to the tech).
That is for wheels on the sides of the tech; same logic can be applied to front/back facing wheels.
What I'm proposing is an animation synchronization of mecanum wheels on a tech, depending on their facing placement and where the tech is moving to.

The practical impact is that it makes the animations much more logical and immersive, and also enables other kinds of wheels such as Screw Wheels, where the screw rotates in a direction to move one way, opposite direction to move the other way.
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