[1.4] Big tech far away getting replaced with different big tech closeby


Aug 12, 2020
I was playing on my campaign earlier today, when a really devestating bug happened that made me doubt even continuing playing the game at all. It took all of my hard work that I had done, and throwed it in the bin, as my best tech got replaced by another one of my tech (got duped) for no apparent reasons while I was away at a secondary base far away.

Alright so, let's call this "best tech" Tech1. Tech1 was a GEOCORP tech and had 3 machineguns that were super important to me since I not could buy or craft them, but rather just had the luck to capture a base with them. My second tech that I had built at my secondary base we'll call "Tech2", and he was essentially just a big GEOCORP tech with tons of mortars and pounder cannons mounted on it. Compared to Tech1 it kindof sucked.

I had my primary base in a grassy hills biome, and I really wanted to get a venture license but it would not spawn in the hills biome. So I built a plane by crafting some venture flight parts, and then I flew for very very long until finding a salt lake where I landed at a trading station and put up camp. Here I built a new big GEOCORP tech (Tech2) to use while grinding missions to eventually get the venture mission, however the tech2 kindof sucked but did the job.

Eventually I got the venture mission, and it was even further away from my primary base. However I did it with a new tech I built to be fast while leaving tech2 behind, and happily returned to my outpost. There I saved the game and went to bed, and the day after I loaded in, took my plane and flew back to my primary base. Oh I had missed it so much, but once I returned, somehow my Tech1 is exactly the same as Tech2 I built at my outpost super far away? What?!?

So apparently my Tech2 had SOMEHOW gotten duplicated and had replaced Tech1, and it really ruined my entire campaign and taking away my best accomplishment.

((0)) (Had put two new shotguns on Tech1 build right before leaving)
1) Flew away and built an outpost far away from main base
2) Built a big GEOCORP tech and grinded missions at outpost
3) Eventually got venture mission
4) Built a new, small and fast tech and left big killer tech at outpost
5) Drove even further away from main base, and quite a long distance away from the outpost
6) Finished venture mission
7) Returned to outpost
8) Saved and quit
9) Rejoined day after to play again
10) Flew back home
11) Main base tech replaced by duped outpost tech

I reloaded my save before I had flied home to the main base, and apparently my tech1 had already been replaced at timeline step 9.
Please don't let this bug ruin any more peoples day if you so would be able to reproduce it. I have no idea why this would happen, and I also guess you won't be able to reproduce it unfortunately, but it might be worth a try. I did have tech1 saved, but I can't buy another one due to it containing parts I can't get my hands on.

Somehow the duped tech at main base (Tech3) also had loot on it that I put on Tech2 after killing a big tech right before flying back to main base, around step 9 in the timeline.

I would like to mention that I have never bought a tech from the tech list in this campaign, not replaced a tech from the tech list.

Thank you for any help, /Tim

Tech1, pic taken in creative mode where I could load it in

Tech2, pic taken in campaign


Tech 3, pic from campaign (Duped tech2 where tech1 was)
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Aug 12, 2020
Alright so I want to add that Tech3 did not have any "newly added tech" to tech2 that was taken right before flying back. The "new tech" on tech3 was apparently old tech that I had looted and put on tech2 around step 2 in the timeline.

This meant that the tech replacement might already have happened around step 2 or 3 in the timeline.
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Sep 27, 2020
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Sorry for the necro, but I have had the same exact issue while traveling from my base to the Tesla Base mission, and my base had been changed to "Auto_Snapshot_blah_blah_blah" and was the small hoverbug bike I was using at the time.