[1.4.5][PC] Stuck on forever "Loading Game" black screen (aka ManPurchase bug)


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Apr 4, 2019

I'd like to report a bug that a lot of people has been having lately and driving people away fromplaying the game, as they can never load it.

We click to start or load a game, for example start R&D new session, then we get on the black screen of "Loading", a bug report window appears, you close it, and it stays like that forever.

The part of the log we identified and which also points to the solution, is that one:

Mode GameModes (ModeAttract) switching to state CleaningUp
Mode GameModes (ModeMisc) switching to state Setup
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at ManPurchases.ModeStart (ManSaveGame+State optionalLoadState) [0x0000c] in <b9997f0b7c9f4f2085a2c77aaf5c577e>:0
at Event`1[A].Send (A paramA) [0x0001c] in <b9997f0b7c9f4f2085a2c77aaf5c577e>:0
at Mode.FinishModeSetup (Mode+InitSettings initSettings, ManSaveGame+State optionalLoadState) [0x0000a] in <b9997f0b7c9f4f2085a2c77aaf5c577e>:0
at Mode.EnterModeSetup (Mode+InitSettings initSettings) [0x000d1] in <b9997f0b7c9f4f2085a2c77aaf5c577e>:0
at ManGameMode.EnterSetupState () [0x0002c] in <b9997f0b7c9f4f2085a2c77aaf5c577e>:0
at ManGameMode.EnterState (ManGameMode+GameState entryState) [0x0006b] in <b9997f0b7c9f4f2085a2c77aaf5c577e>:0
at ManGameMode.UpdateCurrentMode () [0x0003b] in <b9997f0b7c9f4f2085a2c77aaf5c577e>:0
at ManGameMode.Update () [0x0002e] in <b9997f0b7c9f4f2085a2c77aaf5c577e>:0

A friend of mine said this is a problem with some UI element, so the fix might be around there.
The bug happens at random, it is difficult to reproduce it, some people have it very often, others not so much, and it is a vanilla bug, unrelated to mods.

That's it, anyone else who had the issue is welcome to share here too.


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Jul 6, 2018
To pile on Raf's report, I encounter the exact same problem. I thought that uninstalling, to reinstall the game would have solved the problem, but it didn't.
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