[1.4.5][PC]AI unable to use melee + Jackhammer not activating


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Jan 3, 2015

The AI is almost completely unable to utilize the melee weapon which is the only weapon in this case. Even when they do hit, it seems like they are trying to stop about a half a tech length before contact, and only making contact due to the momentum dragging them on. I first thought the techs I was making didn't ram enemies because they had many long range weapons along with melee, but it seems they would not no matter what. I have made a hovercraft with a melee weapon that seemed to ram just fine, but I guess it was just due to them not being able to stop.

Another issue seen in this footage is how fragile the melee weapons are to impact. These are relatively light techs, colliding at a mild speed. I've made other rammers that lose their weapons immediately as they do what they are supposed to do.

All other melee weapons activate automatically when they come into contact with an enemy, but the Geocorp Jackhammers don't. The angled variant is the same. Personally, I'd say they should activate whenever an enemy is in about a vehicle-length so they can actually do max damage when they make contact.
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