[1.4.4][PC] Unable to deploy or swap saved techs


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May 22, 2020
PC (also was happening on Mac)

Game version
1.4.4 (I believe this has been an issue since 1.3.11)

Whenever I attempt to deploy or swap a tech and certain conditions are met (see description)

Game Mode

Whenever a saved tech is missing blocks and you select it in the list of saved techs, it will show the missing blocks in the Information tab (as expected). However once this happens, the missing blocks shown does not update after you add more of these blocks to inventory. The same goes if you try to swap with a tech that has the required blocks. This started I believe in 1.3.11 (I was on Mac then). In this version the issue would resolve itself after adding blocks and/or building new things (I don't know specifically what would fix it), but since 1.4.4 I could not get it to resolve at all. .Since updating to 1.4.4 I was unable to get the deploy tech view to let me deploy/swap techs after it initially reported there were missing blocks. I added these blocks to inventory, I tried to swap with techs that had the required blocks, but that view kept reporting what it did initially: there were not enough blocks (and the "what you have in inventory" number never changed even though I would add 10-20 of the required blocks. I had to finally exit the application and re-load my game. This never resolved and the only solution was to restart and load the game.
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Apr 27, 2020
Solution:Scroll away from the missing blocks until they disappear and scroll back and it should be fixed(at least on console
edit: scroll in the missing blocks section
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