[1.4.3] Ultrawide no longer supported?


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Jan 3, 2015
Not sure how much of this is intentional, but when I normally boot the game with my 21:9 screen and 1920x1080 resolution selected, it used to give me a good, working 2560x1080 without UI or the image getting stretched/occluded.
But I ran the game today, and it gives me a 1920x1080 with black boarders on the sides! Maybe supporting ultrawide was never the intention, but can we have it please? I was having a fantastic time as it was.

Oh, and can we do without having to go through the graphics settings window everytime we run the game? It kinda feels like a beta software, and also is an unnecessary extra step to take IMO. Can we maybe have a checkbox that lets us skip the window? I'm pretty used to having games that let us run the setup window through a separate executable when required.
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