1.4.3 - Official Modding Bugs


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Apr 4, 2019
Hello, this is a posting to notify that crafting and scrapping for custom blocks is not working, even with the mask block from Payload. I made a couple blocks that had very simple recipes and none of them would scrap of show up on the crafting list.

If anyone else has bugs with the current build with custom blocks, please notify.

Also I have seen reports with the custom skins IDs not working; not making each skin unique to the game. That means that adding new packs breaks techs painted with custom skins, removing packs also does that, as the techs seem to store only the position of the skin in the painting tool window, not its unique ID.
That was a known problem with the Texture Swapper mod, techs only stored the position of the skin they were painted with, and adding/removing skins could change that list order, making the skin switch to an unintended one.
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Jun 13, 2020
yea that happens to me as well, even though i entered the recipe in the json file, the scrapper wont even munch it down, it just stays there lying on the ground, which makes me think the recipe feature has not been implemented yet
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