[] [PC] Cabless & Unanchored Techs Replication in Singleplayer


The Other Stats Guy
Oct 9, 2020
So while i was trying to build a tech that used magnets in the RnD Game mode,I've accidentally stumbled upon this Bug that allowed you to make Cabless Techs,and after enough experimenting. found a way to consistently replicate it.

  1. Spawn a Cab,do not take control of it.
  2. Attach block(s) to said Cab.
  3. Spawn an SCU,Drag that Cab to the SCU in order to send it to the Inventory.
  4. Once the Cab is sent to the Inventory,quickly press the Undo Button.

  • Renaming Cabless Techs that are in the overworld instead of as a snapshot will cause a bug reporter to appear and the game to crash.
  • Said Cabless Techs will disassemble once they take Damage.
  • Dragging around these Cabless techs will also cause them to disassemble
Here is a Video of the Bug Getting Replicated
The Snapshot for the Sentient Solar Panel is also Posted Here


Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
This throws me back to the days when you could attach any two blocks together in TT and it’d be considered a tech. This was before SCUs and saving and loading techs.