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Sai Wun

Aug 13, 2014
Design Tweaks:
  • Reduced Tesla Coil area damage radius from 6 to 4.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug causing some blocks to not be affected by anti-gravity bubbles.
  • Fixed bug allowing the Tesla Coil to be incorrectly given as a reward at the end of the Blaster Battle mission.
  • Fixed bug causing the Reticule Research Tesla Coil to cause more damage than the intended 7500.
  • In Co-op Campaign Zero Point Hollow mission, fixed issue causing certain enemy Techs to not despawn correctly when the mission fails due to one of the players dying.
  • Fixed a crash bug that occurs on completion of Zero Point Hollow in Co-op Campaign.

Localisation Update:
Translations have been updated for various languages:
Many thanks to the TT Translator team, in particular recent translations from:
  • Teraman64DD
  • 光轲

Known Issues:
  • Reticule Research Payload Terminal is currently unavailable, but will be added in a future update.
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May 30, 2018
I think I just need to embrace the Havok shield only meta until the smaller shields give some greater benefit other than reduced power drain. Won't someone think of the children tiny builds!