[1.3.7] Resources skipping component factory


New Member
Feb 10, 2020
So I've been having this bug recently, especially when crafting more complex blocks, where resources will just go straight past the component factories and will go back to the silos, in an endless loop. It's also been discussed 2½ years ago here:

I've been playing around with it a bit, and one thing I discovered was that if I spammed the conveyors with the resource being ignored eventually one would go into the factory.
It seems to me what is happening is the total of a required resource is calculated, and so when a resource reaches the factory, it asks, how many are on the line in front of me and how many are required, but ignores how many have actually been delivered.

so fabricator requires 3 of resource A in total
factory requires 2 of resource A

Fabricator already has received 3, so in effect it doesn't need more
resource is next to factory, only 1 of resource A is between Factory and Fabricator, and so despite fabricator having received 3, the resource goes towards the fabricator.

I hope that makes sense, otherwise I can try drawing an image of what I mean