Update Now Available on Steam

Sai Wun

Aug 13, 2014
New Block:
  • Hawkeye Type 45 Naval Gun

New R&D Labs Blocks:
  • Reticule Research HIVE Missile Launcher
  • Reticule Research Rocker Chassis
  • Reticule Research Cross Chassis
  • Reticule Research Tri Chassis
  • Reticule Research Quad Chassis

New R&D Labs Improvements:
  • Improved the Start Position area with new signs, charging station and rotating logo.
  • Improved the Testing Apparatus zone.
  • Improved teleport menu added (the sub-categories sometimes don't appear correctly).
  • Added signs to all zones.
  • Added alternate EXP skin for Reticule Research.

Design Tweaks:
  • Bomber Command mission is now available in Co-op Campaign mode.
  • Updated the spawn positions of targets in the Bomber Command mission.
  • In R&D Labs, moved most of the tow hooks and loops from standard blocks to accessories (several still to be moved).

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where SAM Site shield would appear switched on after a save/load event, when it should be switched off.
  • Fixed bug allowing the Tech Loader "Sort" drop down box to be able to be scrolled out of.
  • In the Skins palette, fixed the Reticule Research logo appearing as a white square.
  • Added missing sound effect for the Sticky Bomb explosion effect.
  • In R&D Labs, replaced incorrect "Return to Checkpoint" tooltip with "Return to Teleporter" text.