[] Missing race tracks in R&D Mode


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May 30, 2016

Have most of the campaign race tracks and stunts in the "Race Tracks" zone


Have 5 race tracks in new "Stunts" zone

How to reproduce:

1. Update to
2. Start R&D mode game
3. Take a warp to "Stunts" zone or drive behind "terratech" tech

Why is this an issue:

Race tracks are a great place to check if the tech is mobile. Also its important to know if the tech can fit under the starting arc.
Its also actually a fun place to play around with.

Only 5 tracks(even counting biome tracks) is either an unjustified feature downgrade, or a bug. If it is intended i believe it should be noted in patch notes("Most race tracks deleted" in addition to "reorganization of multiple areas").

At the moment to continue playing i have to rollback to stable=(