[1.3.5] Gamepad Glitch: Button 1 Is Broken

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Apr 2, 2019
Version: 1.3.5
Platform: PC
Mode: Single player campaign/creative/R&D
Seed: Irrelevant

It is awfully frustrating for me to create a tutorial for TerraTech's gamepad controls when said controls suffer partial failures.

TerraTech 1.3.5 Error.gif

Button 1 normally opens the inventory, but this function breaks entirely at the drop of a hat. If you for instance, reset your controls to default from the options menu, or toggle disable controllers off and on again, the inventory will become nigh inaccessible from the gamepad. Pressing the button will cause the open menu sound to play, but the menu won't actually open.

TerraTech 1.3.5 Control GUI Error.png

Here are some of this bug's idiosyncrasies:
  • Holding down Tab (or whatever key you have set to toggle inventory) will cause button 1 to work. Releasing the key renders button 1 useless again.
  • This one's convoluted. If you disable controllers, quit TerraTech and restart it again, button 1 will function normally. Re-enabling your controller causes it to break once more.
  • Not even JoyToKey can fix this issue. Presumably because hitting Tab and button 1 simultaneously results in no action.
Once the controls are in this broken state, they cannot be repaired even if you reinstall TerraTech. The only method I found to restore functionality is to shut down the game and delete the UserData.sav file.

[!] NOTE: Your saved control schemes will go bye-bye if you delete this file, but any custom controls on your snapshots will be unaffected. If you intend to test this bug, you should back up your UserData.sav file first. Restoring from a backup removes the risk of losing control schemes and other preferences. In most Windows operating systems it can be found in:
C:\My Documents\My Games\TerraTech\<numeric ID code>\Saves
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