[1.3.12] [PC] - Latest GEOCorp blocks cannot be crafted


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Apr 28, 2019
After completing the mission line and unlocking the new blocks, I went back to my base to craft myself a batch of the new batteries, only to discover, that they are not an option. I check my inventory and sure enough, I have the one from the reward chest. So, I pull-up a payload terminal and see it there, ready for purchase. At this point, I get curious and check the new body blocks. Same issue: cannot be crafted, but can be bought from the terminal (I haven't seen them at trade stations yet).
I thought my save file is busted, but the same thing happens in a creative game and the RnD lab, so it's something else. Furthermore, these new blocks can't be scrapped either, as if they're EXP RR blocks.
Now as odd as this problem is, it's even weirder that I'm the first to report it, even tho this update apparently went live a couple of weeks ago . To me, this says that either I'm the only one with this problem (re-installing didn't help), or I'm the only one, who still cares about the crafting in this crafting game.