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Sai Wun

Aug 13, 2014
Reticule Research missions:
The new Reticule Research missions introduced in version are now available in Co-op Campaign mode.
  • In Search of Science
  • Laser Laboratory
  • Blaster Battle

Bug fixes:
  • The following GeoCorp blocks can now be fabricated and scrapped;
    • Front Armour Block
    • Side Armour Block
    • Top Armour Block
    • MegaReactor Battery.
  • In "The Almighty Cube II" mission, fixed issue causing some blocks on the minions to not self-destruct.
  • In the Hawkeye missions to destroy Techs, an issue has been fixed to set the waypoint marker back to Sergeant Smash if the player navigates away before Sergeant Smash finishes delivering his introduction dialogue, in order to allow the mission to resume correctly.
  • Fixed issue causing certain characters in Simplified and Traditional Chinese to not appear correctly.

Localisation Update:
Translations have been updated for various languages:
Many thanks to the TT Translator team, in particular recent translations from:
  • LucasZ3214
  • Szymonicus
  • Teraman64DD
  • WispM
  • 光轲

Known Issues:
  • Enemy Techs may attack the player at the start of the Blaster Battle mission.
  • Reticule Research Fabricator and Payload Terminal are currently unavailable, but will be added in a future update.
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