[1.3.10] [PC] [Steam] Venture License Quest "Race Against Time" disappeared and won't spawn again.

Apr 18, 2020
Frequency : No clue it's my first game

Game Mode : Campaign

Description :

When I attempted the Venture license giving mission the first time, I tryed 2 or 3 times and did not success. I came back hours later with better techs, and the race path and the NPC both disappeared.

I tryed loading the game, restarting then loading the game (of a save after the bug, I had no more saves before the bug), going out of the area (like realy 7km away), still didn't repop. Frustrating part is that when I asked on discord, I've been told to abandon the quest and get it again so it reset, but yea you can't abandon the quest either.

So I'm blocked with no Venture License despite beeing on a 20h game with GSO 4, GeoCorp 3, HawkEye 1, Better Future 2.

Steps to reproduce :

Go campaign, try the Venture race, fail, come back 3 hours later after wandering kms away, and there you go.