[1.3.10] Damage Shows Up On R&D Scale

General Douglas

Aerial Admiral
Feb 4, 2019
I have discovered from pure randomness that shooting the scales in the R&D Testing Zone with high DPS weapons actually yields a result!

Desktop Screenshot 2020.04.19 -

I have found it easiest to replicate this bug by using the Venture Dual Auto Cannons, this also proves that the damage type does not have to be explosive...

Desktop Screenshot 2020.04.19 -

I don't think this was intentional which is why I am reporting it, I'll also link to a few other pictures of it happening to show it isn't just an issue with these weapons in particular, thanks!

P.S: That last image is strange, the Reticule Research GIGA Plasma cannons seem to have no effect on the scale, but the cab's gun does, this may not be an issue with DPS as much as objects in general but it seems to have some correlation, especially when looking at the picture with the Venture Dual Auto Cannons registering a value of .01 vs .00, I'll look into it some more.


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