[1.3.1] BF anti-grav demo mission conflicts with SCU


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Apr 28, 2019
I picked up the anti-grav mission from a trade station and headed for the objective marker on the other side of my base. When I passed through my base, the Hubl massage appeared to click the screen to by the tech and the objective marker jumped to the SCU I had in my base as if it was Hubl. Of course, there was no screen to click and I had no idea where the real Hubl is anymore, so I canceled the mission. Even then, the massage was still up, so I saved and re-launched the game. Once back in, the massage was gone, thankfully, so I picked mission up again, this time, making sure to avoid my base. On the way, I destroyed an enemy and deployed an SCU to pick the loot up. Sure enough, the Hubl massage appeared and the marker pointed at my SCU. This time, I removed my SCU, but the marker was still pointing at the place where my SCU was. Again, I cancelled the mission, saved and re-launched. The third time, I avoided any SCUs and made it to the track, only to find, that the track ends inside of a cliff (a separate issue, but still!), so I cancelled out yet again. The fourth attempt was finally successful and I was so happy, I instinctively saved over my game, which means, no save file... sorry @kae .
If anyone is near this mission, please be on the look-out for this phenomenon and maybe submit a save file for QA to test.
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