[] Radial Menus Getting a Washed-Out Look When over Reflective Blocks.


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Sep 9, 2017
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This is probably not a bug, but perhaps rather an oversight. It may not even be an issue at all, but it certainly looks a bit weird.

Radial menus (both on another tech or the player tech) get a white washed-out appearance when they appear over reflective blocks that are currently reflecting light (whether that be sunlight or the build beam light.) This would suggest to me, as an amateur, that possibly the reflection is being drawn over the menus but that's just an estimation.

1566494533263.png< Washing out over some very reflective blocks. The blue sections are invisible compared to the Better Future One Face Blank Blocks.

There is no visible washing out when the blocks below the radial menu are not very reflective (such as EXP Platforms.)

1566494284115.png < Comparison of different blocks. (The radial menu looks fine over the EXP platforms, they appear so white here just because the Build Beam light is so darn bright. Maybe this suggests that the behaviour is truly dependent on the reflectiveness and not the amount of light reflected?)

There is no visible washing out when the if there is something reflective that is not a block (such as the ground in the RnD Test Chamber.)

1566494447235.png < The menu looks fine and normal when drawing over reflection on the RnD floor.

EDIT: More weird behaviour...
1566495299122.png < The very reflective Better Future Block Controllers completely don't affect it.

EDITII: it wasn't just the Better Future Block Controllers, the washing out completely stopped for everything! This seems a bit unpredictable. o_O


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