[] Mouse commands for interacting with tech go dormant

Captain Load

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Mar 8, 2016
I'm seeing this odd bug where I'll load a game and my keyboard and mouse button controls on the active tech won't work. On-screen buttons like anchor/unanchor still work. I have to either reload the saved game which fixes it about half the time or completely exit TT and restart. It may be a coincidence but this usually happens on saves where I had to reload because of the "black ooze". In fact, its getting harder and harder to get around the ooze - sometimes when I reload a save where it was occurring its still going on and I have to restart the game.

UPDATE: figured it out. The game apparently reset my keybinds to defaults (I have to remap extensively) and somehow this is now part of my save. Hopefully once I remap and re-save it'll be good. NEVER seen this before.


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