[] Track Suspension Requires 4 Tracks to Act Normally


Collecting the Infinity Terminals
Apr 4, 2019
At first I thought this was a bug related to older tracks, as the newest tracks suffer from it but the effect is not so dramatic, so it took me a while to note.

All tracks require a minimum of 4 tracks touching the floor to have the suspension work as intended, lifting and sustaining the upper part as it should. From 3 to 1 track, the suspension goes all the way down, making the tech almost kiss the floor. Even if there are other wheels sustaining the tech on the same level, the tracks' suspension still decides not to work.

Examples can be seen here:


All techs where the tracks are fully functional have 4 tracks. Techs from 1 to 3, stay all the way down or most of it, with a notable difference in tech height (less notable on the large new tracks).

I hope this gets fixed so you are not obligated to use four tracks in every tech you make (when deciding to use any track at all).

I submitted a "track bike" to commcore, and it works well because this effect is smaller in the new large hawkeye track, but I also think it would work much better if the suspension was fully functional.